Your Last Breath [2016]

by S!Chizoraum



S!Chizoraum alternative spelling to Schizoraum, a melange project of Necrophobe sounds with Schizophonieraum approach of improvisations with synth plugins and samplers and found sounds and samples of objects being struck with other objects. Choirs of voices sampled of and by Joel to make a sound of it's own. A lot of samples were recorded from anonymous sources and web places now disappeared from the internet.


released August 9, 2016

[All Composition and Samples, Recordings and derivatives of S!Chizoraum are composed and recorded by: Joel Bisson (Necrophobe, Schizophonieraum, Schizoraum.)].



all rights reserved


Schizoraum Welland, Ontario

Schizoraum is a hybrid project of Necrophobe and Schizophonieraum, Schizo meaning mentally ill and raum meaning german for room or space, so crazy room is a rough translation since schizo is a greek word, this is a vessel of new creativity of improvised and programmed noise/dark ambient soundscapes and audio torture. Using 20 years experience in technology and music to create musical noise. ... more

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